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Easter Update

I haven’t had much time to devote to the guerrilla garden lately, so it was wonderful to have help and inspiration from my partner in gardening crime and the lovely Lord and Lady Plott. It’s amazing what four people can get done in an hour!

We took out the dog poo and rubbish, weeded it and planted the donations from the Plotts, and some cut price wallflowers from Homebase. While we were all wandering about in the shop in search of bargain rescue plants, one of the assistants came around handing out free boxes of ranunculus (with a polite request for a small donation to the charity box). Apparently they were having a clear out of the plants that they couldn’t sell.  Nothing like free flowers to make my day. Thank you, Homebase!

On the plot, the aquilegias that went in last year have made themselves at home and spread themselves around. The big geranium has had lots of children.  A few borage plants have also popped up and even a handful of stray onions, which must have come in with some earth from my own garden. No sign of the bronze fennel, but it may yet make a reappearance.

A fellow gardener stoppped by for a chat and passed on a tip that cheap perennials are for sale at the hospital on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Wherever you get your plants, your inspiration and your help, have a wonderful Easter break. And hey, at least the rain’s good for the garden.

DSCF6157 (2)