36 Violas Later

Spring is finally here, and I have crawled back out of hibernation to see how the garage guerrilla garden is doing. Quite a lot of the plants have made it through the winter. A wonderful mystery gardener has recently added a little lavender on the sunny corner of the plot. Thank you! It’s so nice to have scented plants, and lavender is great for bees.

Speaking of bees, I saw some zooming around the pulmonaria. It might not be the most spectacular plant in the world, but it’s hardy, gives lots of spring colour and nice spotty leaves for ground cover when the pink and blue flowers are gone.

I’ve given the plot a good weeding, and have planted some violas that were on special offer from Homebase (lovely scent) and some sunflowers and crocosmia corms generously donated by the ever lovely Lord and Lady Plott.

The sunflowers have been tied up to bamboo sticks and are drooping rather like a sacrificial princess chained to a stake. I’m hoping they’ll perk up a bit once they get a chance to get their roots down. I broke one planting them and felt like a murderer.

There’s still room for more plants if you want to come and play. I have some donated sweet peas and morning glory which are lovely climbers, but I need a way to give them something to climb up without attaching them to the garage. If you have ideas about this, or anything else to do with the garden, I’d love to hear them. Just leave me a comment below or email me at lovelyandover@gmail.com.

Hope you all enjoy the sun over the bank holiday, in your gardens or wherever you are!


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