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Abridged – A letraset story.

This snap was taken recently in London, near Blackfriars bridge. I nearly walked past it until I spotted the word “Argos”.  A bit of urban intervention with transfers.

A likely story…


Garage Garden End of May 2012

A very big thank you to the lovely mystery gardeners of Andover! The garden has acquired some wallflowers, a big wild geranium, and a furry-leaved plant. I also spotted a little white-flowered alpine (which I think has been there for a while), and some seedlings.

Sadly, the Range sale marigolds did not make it.

A while back we scattered some seeds on the garden for scented plants. There are lots of things sprouting but I’ll need to wait a while to identify them.

Some of the plants have drooped a bit in the hot weather and some of them have also been trampled by  a migrating herd of asshats who stomped over the plot in big boots and dropped stones on them. They’re all recovering well after a few good waterings.

Here’s a quick picture update taken about a week ago.  I need to post another one soon, as friends generously donated plants which have been moved to their new home. As you can see the plot is looking much greener.

And there’s a reminder of what the plot was like when we started back in April. It was taken after I dug it over for the first time. We’ve come a long way already. I’m looking foward to seeing what we can do in another couple of months.