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Garage Garden Day 21

A huge thank you to the mystery gardeners who have come to play and plant things!

“Linsdey” donated forget-me-nots and pulmonaria, hardy plants with pretty flowers which well spread well.

Other mystery gardeners have donated a euphorbia (with helpful label, thank you!), a pale pink primrose, and a couple of tall, silvery-leaved plants that I don’t recognise.

Meanwhile, the poppies are recovering, the pansies and violas are settling in nicely, and my other half added some clearance marigolds he bought at The Range.  The plot is really filling in.

If you’d like to join in, you can find information on the garden here.


Garage Guerilla Garden – Days 8 – 10

Day 8

I’ve added some self-seeded poppies that have been sitting in pots waiting for a home. I wasn’t quite careful enough in digging them out and lost a bit of root from each. They’re sulking. I’ll keep watering them and hope they recover.

Poppies wilting a bit.

Poppies not thrilled about being transplanted.








This little plant is a pulsatilla pratensis. I bought it from the nursery collective’s stall at the Friday market in Andover. They always have a great selection of plants at very reasonable prices, and they’re at the market every week.

pulsatilla pratensis

Pulsatilla pratensis. Love the fluffy purple centre.








Day 10

Friends visited and donated a generous amount of plants from their garden: geraniums, alstroemeria, tiny succulents, hellebores, and “bunny ears” (none of us know the proper name for those). I found some more aquilegias to add. We all got busy with the trowels to get the plants in, and my other half constructed a little rampart around the garden to stop all the water running off. It’s starting to look a bit more populated.  We’ve also planted seeds for red sunflowers and a mixed batch of scented plants.

Plot has a few more plants.

The plot with latest additions.








More plants are always welcome!